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by yakshaving | Last Updated: April 29, 2022

If you are an employee at Sears Holding company this post will help you to discover personal information, check payroll, see work schedule & more. Sears88 account portal located at 88sears.com/login will help the customers to explore the perks of their jobs & more. We have got a lot of information related to this online web account. Want to know it all? Just keep reading this article.

88sears login is a login portal for the Sears Holding Company employees. You can then check your personal information and find many links so that you can manage your account. The 88sears login portal is very useful for the employees and for the management so that they can communicate easily with their employees. The employees of Sears Holding Company are able to check their payslips, work schedules, claim for their financial benefits.


Sears Holding Company

Sears Holdings Corporation was an American holding company headquartered in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. It was the parent company of the chain stores Kmart and Sears and was founded after the former purchased the latter in 2005. It was the 20th-largest retailing company in the United States in 2015. It filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on October 15, 2018, and sold its assets to ESL Investments in 2019. The new owner moved Sears assets to its newly formed subsidiary Transform Holdco LLC and after that, Sears Holdings Corporation was closed..Out came a new Sears, Transformco, with the last remaining stores of a one-time retail empire. The old Sears, Sears Holdings, remains a corporate shadow, like a tortured doppelganger, stuck in bankruptcy ever since. The Sears Holdings that filed for bankruptcy amounts to a tangle of paper corporate entities, a massive pile of bills and a perpetual litigation machine. Ambetter Login

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Through the 88sears employee portal, every employee is provided access to important information such as benefits and training information, payroll and W2 information, resources and contact numbers . The portal allows employees to easily 88sears Login from any location and makes it possible for them to manage their own personal information about 88sears employee email.

How to register with 88sears account ?

To log in the employee portal, you need to register with the company official site 88sears . You just have to :

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You must use your username (opid) to sign in using your username (domain), email address, and mobile number. If this is a mobile device you use often, select ‘hide’ to skip 2-factor authentication. Your username should contain lowercase letters, numbers only, and uppercase letters. When you sign in using your username (domain), you will be prompted for a reset password at athena site for adventhealth employee email.

88sears login requirements

All you need is a Sears user ID. Then you will have to fill in your correct user ID and password. You will need an internet connection, and a web browser compatible with the site. Please note that only the employees of 88sears Holding Company can ask for a user ID.

88sears Login

88sears login

If you are an employee of Sears Holdings company just head over towards the official login web portal that would be located at www.88sears.com/login.
*You’ll be welcomed to enter your personal credentials.
*Now enter the Enterprise ID that will be given to you by the company.
*After this, enter the Password.
*Now click on the “Login” button that would be just below the input fields.
*Customers will be redirected to their official home page of 88sears online account.
*Here users can access everything easily.
Make sure to logout your account after using to avoid any unauthorized access.