Athleta Credit Card Login – login guide

by yakshaving | Last Updated: May 1, 2022

What is Athleta Credit Card ?

athleta credit card

The Athleta credit card is issued by Synchrony Bank. You can use your Athleta credit card for purchases and get special financing. This credit card offers promotions and discounts when you use your card.

You can use the Athleta credit card at thousands of retailers across the US. You can receive rewards and earn points when you make a purchase at Athleta, Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic stores. Plus, if you use your card anywhere Visa is accepted.

You will receive a detailed billing statement to view electronically or by mail 2-3 weeks after your first purchase, which includes your purchase, promotion, and payment details. Manage your account with 24/7 access online. You can enroll in eBill and view statements anytime. You can login to your account and can also make same day payments or set up scheduled payments. Mybalancenow

Athleta Credit Card benefits

athleta credit card rewards

Athleta credit card is created especially for the brand loyalists, therefore it is quite logical that the cardholder will be rewarded mostly for purchases made in the framework of Athleta and its affiliate stores: GAP, Old Navy, and Banana Republic.

Shopping at Athleta or any other Gap family brand can become quite lucrative both at brick and mortar stores or online with Athleta Credit Card as per dollar spent you collect 5 points. Taking into account that you receive 5 dollars for every 500 points collected, this is quite a good deal for frequent shoppers at Gap Inc. brand stores.

If you are worried about your other purchases as well, then there is good news. For every dollar spent outside Gap Inc. stores, you will receive 1 point. Not an exceptional condition for sure, but quite acceptable for a credit card issued by a retail store. Most other similar cards have stricter limitations for earning rewards outside the brand. Moreover, taking into account that Visa is a generally accepted card, you will be able to collect points almost everywhere and every purchase made by your card.

One more opportunity for cardholders to earn bonus points is signing up to receive exclusive cardholders-only offers. By entering an email address, you will get an opportunity to earn 500 points, but it doesn’t end here. The cardholder can enroll in paperless billing, which gives the chance of earning an additional 500 points. So in total, it makes 1000 points, which amounts to 10 dollars in rewards. Even though it is not much, as a future cardholder, you can become easily eligible for these rewards as they require to make only a few steps. Checking your rewards balance is also very easy. You can have a look at it anytime from anywhere using your Athleta Credit Card login.

Athleta Visa card also comes with a quite generous welcome bonus. Once approved for the card, you will receive a reward equal to 20 dollars.

The benefits of Athleta Credit Card include receiving a birthday gift. The cardholder is eligible for this benefit if he or she makes at least one purchase during the first year after the account opening.

Rates and fees of Athleta Credit Card

The purchase APR of Athleta Credit Card is 28.24%, which is quite high. If you frequently carry a balance, this card is not the best choice for you. Moreover, the card doesn’t give any introductory APR period, as most cash back cards would do. Therefore, if compared with other credit cards, the rate of Athleta Credit Card is quite high. The minimum interest charge is 2 dollars.

You should also be cautious while using your card outside the United States as there is a 3% foreign transaction fee. Other fees include the first late payment fee, for which you will have to pay 27 dollars and 38 dollars fee for subsequent late payments within the first 6 months.

In this section, the only silver lining we could mention is the lack of an annual fee, which makes the card costless for the cardholder.

Athleta Credit Card Login

You have to click on this link : and then you have to fill in your user ID and your password and then click on the secure login button.

Athleta credit card login

If you forgot password, then you can click on this link to reset your Athleta credit card password. You will have to fill in your user ID and your zipcode, then click on continue button, and you will be able to retrieve password. There is a chat online for any problem you could have on the site.