17 Best ROM Sites 2020 (Latest Safe ROMS Download Sites)

by yakshaving | Last Updated: January 31, 2023

Are you a big fan of the classic video game consoles but you do not want to spend a lot of money to pay them? Then you must have thought of downloading the best ROM sites for free. There are a lot of Best ROM sites out there on the web but you need to know which ones are legitimate and which ones are not. There are so many ROM sites and each of them has its own features. It is very important that you choose the right site so that you do not have problems later on in life.

Yes, you read it right. Although you will not be able to purchase the old consoles back from the store, you can still play these old games on your computer. The best ROM sites allow you to play the old video games using an emulated environment.

Best ROM Sites 2020

Best ROM Sites

Best ROM Sites

So how do you choose a good ROM site? Find the right ROM website and install the game on your computer and then use the emulator to play it. Once your games are installed on your computer, you can then download the game.

However, it is important that you choose the right websites so that you do not run into any problems later on among the best ROM sites available on the web. You can search online for the Best ROM sites but it is also possible that you might end up with fake or bad sites. The best way to find the best sites is to look at the feedback or reviews of users on the website.

A good user review is the best way to judge if the website is legitimate or not. If you have found a review that has been written by a real person then you can be sure that the website is genuine and it does what it claims to do.

There are different types of websites out there that cater to different types of games. These sites will have various categories. You should know the type of game that you want to play before choosing a specific category.

For example, if you love playing fighting games then you can easily go for a site that has games that are related to fighting. Some of the popular game types include Street Fighter, Final Fight, and Samurai.

If you are looking for flash based games then you should look for websites that offer online flash games. Some of the best sites even offer flash-based versions of older arcade games as well. If you love role-playing games then look for the sites that offer free games and shareware games.

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Best Place to Download Roms

One of the best sites is the Games Depot which is known to offer the best ROM sites and downloads of old arcade games. You can browse through their collection of games and even test a few of them to see which ones are most enjoyable to play.

The games depot provides links to all the latest games released in both video and audio formats. It also has links to the popular and newest versions of video games. It is recommended that you visit the best place to download ROMs once in a while to check out what is new in the world of gaming.

The next site I recommend is the Antique Arcade which has games of all the old arcade games. These classic games are available to play as ROM games. and can be played on both the PC and MAC.

List of Best Safe ROM Sites 2020

1. Gamulator



Gamulator is a standout amongst other Safe ROM Sites accessible on the web. On this site, you can get admittance to different game ROMs for in excess of 20 consoles. Indeed, you can get ROM documents accessible for different consoles. Notwithstanding, different emulator envelopes just have a couple of games for you to look at. The Gamulator site additionally permits you to download or introduce the games utilizing a direct download interface. You may likewise download the games utilizing their download director.

Alongside the ROMs, you likewise get profiles and emulators on the site. Search ROMs by class and labels on the Gamulator site. With Gamulator, you can likewise download ROM for your PC, tablet or cell phone.

2. CDRomance

On the off chance that you are searching for safe Rom sites for exemplary consoles like Gamecube, GBA, GBC, and GB, CDRomance is the spot to be. This site has an appealing archive of extraordinary ROMs. On visiting the landing page of the site, you will locate the first works of art of the games on the site and furthermore, some screen captures of the game play.

There is no deficiency of ROMs that you may discover here on this site. Other than the first ones, you can likewise get your hands on mods, hacks, and even fan-made units. You will likewise be furnished with a couple of insights regarding the games, for example, the locale of the ROM record, date of arrival of the game, and the class of the game.

3. DopeRoms

DopeRoms is truly outstanding and the most well-known web crawlers that carry you closer to a portion of the extraordinary quality ROMs accessible on the web. DopeRoms permits you to investigate in excess of 171,500 ROMs accessible on their site for more than 140 consoles. Perhaps the best thing about this site is that it furnishes you with cheat-codes to ace any part of the game.

You can likewise get a few hints and glitches on the DopeRoms site and appreciate the game like there is no tomorrow! This site has the absolute most exceptional ROMs that are extremely elusive anyplace else. In this way, in the event that you are battling to locate the game you love, DopeRoms is the spot to be.

4. EdgeEmu

Discover a large number of games for different consoles including SEGA, GBA, GBC, GB, MAME and more on EdgeEmu. EdgeEmu is one of the safe rom sites that pull in a lot of traffic consistently. Get in excess of 57,000 ROMs, legitimate across 20 consoles and different other gaming gadgets.

You are bound to incline toward the EdgeEmu site more than others on account of its responsive UI. The interface is very perfect and doesn’t include promotions or pop-ups. You can likewise locate a Flash player on the site with which you can copy different games on the web. The site additionally permits you to test other ROM records. EdgeEmu encourages a simple download of accessible ROMs. This site is one of the most secure and the best sites for getting a portion of the exemplary ROMs for nothing.

5. FreeRoms



Despite the fact that this site gives ROMs to a couple of consoles, it has an extraordinary assortment of ROM documents. Through this site, you can likewise download a few emulators like the PSP emulator for windows and the JPCSP emulator for Mac. At FreeRoms, you will look at in excess of 3,000 ROM documents and download them for nothing.

The main downside of this site is that its interface isn’t liberated from promotions. There are regular promotions springing up on this site that may endanger your experience. However, in any case, at FreeRoms, you get snappy and safe admittance to an astounding assortment of ROM documents. The site even has a rating framework utilizing which you can rate the ROMs according to your experience.


Need to get full ROM sets for reassures like Atari, GBA, N64, NES, Sega and that’s only the tip of the iceberg? Look at NICOBLOG and will download connections to different ROM records from some trustworthy sites on the web like Mediafire and Mega. In contrast to different names on the rundown, the blog doesn’t have its own substance, however makes download joins from different sites accessible to the individuals who love exemplary ROMs.

At NICOBLOG, you can likewise download full ROMs for certain comfort types in a packed record with simply a tick. What gives an additional edge to this blog is the way that they have ROMs for Wii, PS Vita and PS3; given that discovering ROMs for such consoles is an extraordinariness. The blog likewise has articles and instructional exercises that expound on running the games on different frameworks effectively.

7. Vimm’s Lair

This site is questionable, the most secure and the best webpage with the expectation of complimentary ROMs on the web. One can undoubtedly download a portion of the exemplary ROMs and emulators from this site. Expressed in 1997, this site gives ROMs to the absolute most noteworthy gaming comforts ever!

Not exclusively does the site gloats of having an assortment of game titles for remarkable consoles delivered in the US, yet the site likewise permits the clients to download emulators to run the games. You can download emulators for Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux. The site likewise includes a web index that encourages you to find where to download roms and sort your Number 1 ROMs and sort them almost. The site draws a decent amount of month to month traffic which makes it entirely solid for new clients.

8. The Eye

The Eye isn’t simply one more site with a rundown for a few ROMs, substantial over a couple of consoles. The site is portrayed as a chronicled webpage that has ROMs from everywhere on the web. At The Eye, you can get ROMs for 60+ consoles! Regardless of what you are looking for, your hunt makes certain to end here at The Eye.

The interface of this site is the most appealing aspect regarding it. It doesn’t trouble you with nosy notices and pop-ups. Additionally, the ROMs on this site are each simple to download. You can utilize the inquiry instrument on the site to explore the substance that you want. Sort ROMs in a sequential request and utilize the Find and Replace program to discover them.

9. Romulation

Worn out on checking sites to get your number one ROMs? Visit the Romulation site. This site has a portion of the exemplary computer games that you should insight. You will discover probably the most mainstream games since 2004 on the Romulation site! You should simply pause for a moment to join and you can download your #1 ROMs upheld across different consoles.

On the landing page of this site, you can discover the rundown of probably the most well-known games close by the rundown of the freshest games! In excess of 28,000 ROM documents are accessible on this site for different SEGA, Playstation and Nintendo comforts. You will likewise discover a web crawler on the landing page that permits you to begin to absent a lot of issues. Unquestionably, Romulation is perhaps the most secure site with the expectation of complimentary ROMs.

10. Romsmode



Regardless of being genuinely new when contrasted with its counterparts, Romsmode is probably the good rom sites with the expectation of complimentary ROMs on the web. The site has everything from the exemplary to probably the most recent ROMs. Other than ROM documents, there is a different area on the site for emulators also. The segment highlights different emulators for a rundown of consoles including Nintendo, Playstation, Atari and the sky is the limit from there.

The interface of the site is perhaps the best thing about it. You will think that it’s exceptionally simple to explore your way through the site. Discover probably the most well-known ROMs recorded conveniently on the landing page calm. You can likewise discover games according to specific consoles, for example, Wii, Dreamcast, GBA, NDS, SEGA and that’s just the beginning.

11. Emulator.Games

The Emulator.Games site is very like its archetypes on the rundown. The good rom sites has an immense hall brimming with free ROMs and emulator games for you to investigate. Maybe, the site permits the clients to play these games on the web, which is one of the highlights that make it stand apart from the rest.

Play the absolute best Pokémon games accessible in horde variants on the site. You can likewise look through ROMs dependent on different consoles like Playstation, Nintendo GameBoy, Game Gear and then some. For emulators, look no farther than Emulator.Games! Download the needful emulators to run your number one ROMs across different consoles. Emulator.Games is one of the most famous stages with the expectation of complimentary ROMs and Emulators.

12. MyAbandonware

Play a portion of the well known old games like the Turbo OutRun, Arctic Banner, Nemesis and all the more just when you download them from MyAbandonware. Here on this site, you can investigate probably the most exceptionally evaluated computer game ROMs from 1978 to 2010! That is not it. You can likewise peruse by the name, stage, year, distributer, topic, designer, and kind of the ROMs.

On the off chance that you are a gaming aficionado, the substance of this site can animate a surge of adrenaline down you. Look over in excess of 15,200 ROMs and different other experience and war methodology games on the MyAbandonware site. You should not neglect to look at the rundown of top downloads and take a stab at probably the most adored rounds of the many years passed by.

13. EagleForces

Despite the fact that it is a Korean site, it is one of the most favored sites for download free ROMs. One reason that the traffic on this site is amazingly high is on the grounds that the site is extremely sheltered. For those of you who are stressed over legitimate contemplations, this site can put your concerns to an end.

You will discover ROMs filed on the site in thousands. These ROMs can be downloaded for nothing. You will likewise see that the download speed is very nice. Generally, the site is comparable to the others on this rundown.

14. ClassicGameRoms

On the off chance that you are opposed to sites with an excessive amount of messiness, this may be the one for you. ClassicGameRoms is a basic site that has plenty of game ROMs for the absolute most well-known consoles, for example, Atari, Capcom, Nintendo, Playstation, SEGA, Game Boy and that’s just the beginning. On this site, you can likewise discover a rundown of emulators to effectively run the downloaded games.

ClassicGameRoms is famous and one of the Best sites among ROM darlings. It is likewise ensured as one among the most secure ROM sites by the clients. You can likewise discover the rundown of connections to other gaming locales on ClassicGameRoms.

15. WoWrom

As of now, WoWroms is one of the most favored objections with the expectation of complimentary ROMs, ISOS, games and then some. Get a rundown of ROMs, ISOS, Games, and Emulators to download on the landing page of the site. You can likewise get a rundown of connections to download emulators and profile records on the landing page as well.

The site additionally has the connection to download a bunch of famous games for GBA, SNES, or PSPs. What makes this site stand apart from the rest is that it encourages the download of first-class game manuals, game music, and game magazines.

16. Retrostic

Another incredible ROM site that you can find is Retrostic. The Best ROM Sites gives you a connection to probably the most exemplary ROMs, liberated from any expense. Downloads on this site are quick, smooth, and are liberated from any infection or other malware.

The interface of Retrostic is very easy to use which makes it simple for clients to explore. There are no nosy pop-ups or advertisements on this site. You can more than 83,000 ROMs for more than 50 consoles. The site likewise includes a rundown of 383 emulators for you to download if you have in mind where to get ROMs. In general, this site is probably the most ideal choice for an admirer of exemplary ROMs.

17. Emulanium

With Emulanium, you can download ROMs for supports like GBA, Dreamcast, NES, N64, and a couple of different consoles. Despite the fact that the assortment isn’t as extraordinary as the same number of different names on the rundown, it is as yet perhaps the most secure website to download well-known ROMs.


Is it legal to download ROMs?

In the event that you own a simple duplicate of the game which you are attempting to download then there’s no issue with it. There are different manners by which you can dispose of the cartridges to ROM documents utilizing some equipment and programming, it’s legitimate. In the event of emulators, they are absolutely lawful to utilize.

How to download ROM?

By checking this video Clip you can easily know what is the best method to download ROM securely.


The games offered by this site are free to download and play. You can try out any of the games and see whether they are entertaining and fun to play.

So it is important to visit these websites regularly and see what they have to offer in terms of downloading and playing old arcade games. As mentioned earlier, you can easily find the ROM Download site in the forums because they usually contain good feedback from real people.