Fresh Step Login – login guide

by yakshaving | Last Updated: March 10, 2022

Fresh step is a brand for cat litters. They do sell clumping litters, with odor control.
Fresh Step Crystals cat litter is a 100% crystal cat litter that is advertised as absorbing moisture and stopping odor 5x better than the leading clay cat litter. … Furthermore, the crystals minimize dust and also help in the scooping of non-clumped cat waste.

What is exactly Fresh Step ?

freshstep login

Yes, Fresh Step is cat litters brand. But more than selling litters for cats, they offer lots of tips about cats on their website. They are also very active about finding shelters for cats in all over the world. That’s why they take active part in the Paw points rewards program. When you buy a fresh step cat litter, you can earn points at the paw points program. 1$ spent in a fresh step litter convert in 5 paw points for example.

What is Paw points rewards ?

Fresh step do offer a reward program : they have created Paw points. You get rewarded for buying your cat products. Here is an example of how you can convert your points, which items are offered to you.

paw points rewards

How the Paw points program works ?

First you have to sign up (you will earn 100 points for signing up). Then, each time you make a purchase of car products, take a photo of your receipt, upload it and you will earn paw points. Then redeem your points for rewards or donation to shelters. Intermountain

Thanks to the support of Paw points members, Fresh Step has donated over 2 million scoops to Best Friend Animal Society to help shelters save them all.

How to Fresh step login ?

You have to click on the following link : and click on the login text on the top right of the page.

freshstep login

Then you will be redirected to the paw points program page. You will have to fill in your email address and password. Click on the sign in button. If you forgot password, then you can click on the link text ‘forgot password’ below the big yellow sign in button.