HCA Taleo log in – hca.taleo.net login guide

by yakshaving | Last Updated: April 28, 2022

Oracle Taleo Cloud Service is a talent management platform that helps recruiters and managers better attract and retain employees. The Cloud Service has platforms tailored specifically for small businesses and enterprises. Two main features of Oracle Taleo are :

What is HCA Taleo ?

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Taleo is the most used applicant tracking system today with a dominant 30% market share among Fortune 500 companies.

Owned by Oracle, Taleo does more than simply organize inbound job applicants. Human resource representatives can use Taleo to track communication with applicants, onboard new hires, generate reports, and much more. The system is highly customizable to a company’s needs, meaning any two companies could be relying on a completely different set of features.

Example of companies that use Taleo : Starbucks, Tesla, Toyota, Citi, Boeing, Visa, American Airlines, HP, Us Bank, Nike, American Express…

How to log in with HCA Taleo account ?

If you have a user name and password enter the information in the fields below and click “Login”. If you are using a temporary password you will be prompted to update it. To see your status on a job submission: log in, click the My Jobpage tab, then click My Submissions.

New Applicants: Please click the button below labeled “Click Here to Create a New Account”

Technical Support:
For technical questions on an application to HCA or an HCA Affiliate only, call 844-422-5627 Option 1.

Forgot you password:
Click the “Forgot your password” link to reset your password on an existing account. A temporary password will be sent to your email address on file.

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HCA Taleo sign in

You can sign in HCA Taleo quickly if you already have a google account or a yahoo account. If not, then you can click on the button ‘Click here to create a new account”

HCA taleo sign in

How to apply for job in HCA Taleo ?

Click on the Requisition Title of the job that you wish to apply for. When you click on the Requisition Title, a page will be displayed. This section provides the Job Description and the Qualifications for the job. Click on the Apply Online button to apply for the job.

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