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by yakshaving | Last Updated: May 1, 2022

What is Isawallet ?

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Isawallet allows you to instantly receive commission payments from Isagenix, electronically transfer funds into your bank account worldwide and to make online purchases from Isagenix directly from your Isawallet account.

Switching to Isawallet

To select Isawallet as your preferred compensation payment method, log into your Isagenix Associate Back Office. Then, select “My Account” in the page header and select “Edit” in the “Placement and Compensation” section of the page.
On the “Edit Placement and Compensation” page, choose the option titled “Isawallet” from the “Method of Compensation Payout” dropdown list. Then, select “Save” to save Isawallet as the new default payment method for your profile.

Isawallet Account activation

In order to best meet the needs of Isawallet Independent Associates and offer a secure payment process, Isagenix requires each Independent Associate to provide a unique email address for all active Independent Associates receiving compensation. If you do not currently have a personal email address, please sign-up for one through a free online email service provider such as, or
Once you have switched to Isawallet in your Independent Associate Back Office and you have earned a commission, Isagenix will automatically create your Isawallet account on your behalf. Once your account has been created, a new activation email will be sent from This email notification will contain instructions on how to activate your account.
If you do not receive the notification email or need to request a new activation email, go to, click the “Forgot Password” link, and enter your email address. A new activation email will be sent to you.

Your Isawallet account

Your Isawallet account holds Mexican currency, allowing you to transfer funds to any financial institution in Mexico. Here is an example of what your Isawallet account will look like when you successfully activate and login to your account :

isagenix account

Receiving Payments with Isawallet

As an Isawallet accountholder, your Isagenix commission payments will automatically be credited to your Isawallet account on Tuesday of each week.
Once funds have been credited to your account, you will receive an email notification from letting you know this has taken place. After funds have been credited to your account, you can easily cash out to any financial institution in Mexico by following the steps outlined in section 5, “Cashing Out”.
An example of the account credit email you will receive is as follows :

mail isagenix

Cashing out with Isawallet

To cash out funds to your bank account:

Setup auto cashout with Isawallet

Once you have saved your banking details in your Isawallet account, the “Auto CashOut” feature will appear in your Wallet Tools menu.
Use this feature to have your commissions transferred to your bank account automatically, either on a recurring schedule or whenever your balance reaches a set amount. This feature will give you faster access to your money at your bank.

Making payments to Isagenix

To make payments to Isagenix through your Independent Associate Back Office using the funds in your Isawallet account, you will first need to generate a PayPIN via your Isawallet account. A new PayPIN does not need to be generated for each payment, as it can be reused for multiple payments.
If you will not be making purchases from Isagenix with the funds in your Isawallet account, PayPINs can be deactivated using the Turn Off button on the “Generate New PayPIN” page. PayPINs can be re-activated at any time by going into the “Generate New PayPIN” page and clicking Turn ON.
To generate a PayPIN:

Isawallet Log in guide

Once you are at that link, you can log in very easily. Fill in your associate ID or email and password. The ID or email should be the one associated with your isawallet account. Then click on sign in button. Mychardupage

Forgot your Isawallet Password

If you forgot your Isawallet password, then you can retrieve it clicking on the forgot your password link. Then you will have to enter your email address in the box and click on confirm button. You will get a temporary password and then you can change it again when connecting to your account.