Peoplenet Trimble Login – Login guide

by yakshaving | Last Updated: April 22, 2022

What is Peoplenet Trimble ?

peoplenet trimble

PeopleNet Fleet Manager is a fleet management software solution created by PeopleNet. Today, Trimble owns the platform. The software is still available as PeopleNet Fleet Manager to old PeopleNet customers. However, new users must buy it as Trimble Fleet Manager.

Trimble was founded in 1978 as a GPS navigation system. Since then, it’s branched into solutions including ELD and fleet management. Trimble purchased PeopleNet in 2011. Therefore, PeopleNet’s range of software is in the Trimble catalogue. As a result, Trimble is one of the largest fleet management providers in the country.

Trimble Fleet Manager pulls fleet data from sensors, ELD devices, & other devices. It gives back office an easy way to track equipment, trucks, drivers, and cargo. Fleet Manager works to give managers full oversight of fleet and driver performance. This enables fleet management and optimization.

What is Peopletnet Fleet Manager ?

PeopleNet Fleet Manager is a web application fleet management platform delivered as software-as-a-service. It’s targeted to small-to-enterprise business. Most users say that pricing is geared for mid-to-enterprise businesses.

The Trimble Fleet Manager web app links to devices and data sources. It collates data to create a single dashboard for fleet management. For example, Trimble links ELD devices, truck and equipment GPS tracking, dispatch management, and maintenance. Fleet managers can see, at–a–glance, how each truck in the fleet is performing, including safety records.

The fleet tracking platform includes many tracking solutions. For example: tires, fuel, driver, staff management, accident alerts, and real-time GPS tracking.

Peoplenet Trimble Login Guide

peoplenet login

Click on the following link :

Fill in your company ID and your password, then click on the sign in button.

Integration Process of PeopleNet Fleet Manager

The PeopleNet Fleet Manager or Trimble Fleet Manager is a fully cloud application. Therefore, when you purchase from sales, they will set up a custom instance for you. The administrator must log in to set up the account, business details, and vehicles. Trimble offers several complete ELD solutions, such as the eDriver Logs and Trimble Duo, if you want to set up ELD under the same brand.