The Hub Hisd login – login guide

by yakshaving | Last Updated: April 27, 2022

What is the Hub HISD ?

Thehub hisd login

As part of PowerUp — a districtwide initiative aimed at digitally transforming 21st century teaching and learning — HISD has launched a K-12 online platform that will eventually become the center of collaboration, personalization, curriculum, instruction, and communication for all HISD staff and students. It’s called the PowerUp:HUB or HUB for short. Rasmussen

This digital learning platform is an online software environment that can be used by educators and students to give everyone involved in a child’s education the information, digital tools, and resources they need to learn together — both inside and outside the classroom.

Hub HISD Benefits for teachers

The HUB is designed to help HISD teachers do more in less time and personalize instruction for students. From planning and delivering course work to assessing and reporting student progress, teachers are pulled in different directions. But what if many of the routine tasks they do every day such as creating, collecting, and grading assignments could be automated? And what if it were easier for them to share resources with colleagues and students and develop multimedia instruction? The HUB is designed to do all this and more.

Hub HISD Benefits for students

In order to succeed in today’s global workforce, students must be able to think critically, make responsible decisions, communicate effectively, and be adaptable and productive. Developing these characteristics requires that students be exposed to technology, resources, and tools they will use in the real world. The HUB will allow students 24-7 access to instructional material, coursework, and digital textbooks from any device and will give them a voice and choice in their learning and in how they demonstrate mastery of a subject. With the HUB, students have a safe space for independent learning, options to submit homework and projects, the ability to collaborate and communicate with their classmates, and the ability to reflect on and take ownership of their learning through blogs, discussion boards, and ePortfolios.

The Hub HISD login

Go to the following link :

HUB HISD login

And then you will have to click on login with Houston ISD account and then another window will open and you will have to fill in your email address and your username.