The Most Useful Skills for Essay Writing

by yakshaving | Last Updated: January 28, 2022

Essay writing is much more than the ability to beautifully form your thoughts. Often, people who know how to do this do not achieve much success in essay writing. Why? There are a number of skills that cannot be called “purely writing” skills, but they are vital to write great essays.

The Most Useful Skills for Essay Writing


It is the ability to set a goal, go towards this goal, and bring it to life. It is the ability to set a deadline and meet deadlines. Such work distinguishes a good essay writer from an amateur who writes for one day and does not write for a week because the weather is not the same, and the mood is not right, and in general, there are no ideas.

If discipline is a skill that is difficult for you to develop and you miss deadlines all the time, don’t worry. You can find services to help you write an essay quickly by simply googling “help me write my essay.” In this way, you can submit your essay on time and not worry about delays.


In modern life, this skill is worth its weight in gold because we live in an age of multitasking – people who can concentrate rule the world. And if you know how to concentrate on something for a long time, then you can deal with essay writing effectively.


It seems that the only thing an essay writer does is sit on the chair and work – this is how people who have not yet written their first essay reason. Writing takes a tremendous amount of stamina! People with a physical resource in a state of “zero” will never succeed in writing lengthy essays. Never.

Storyteller skill

Have you come across narrative essays, after reading which you want to freeze and ask: damn, HOW does a person manage to tell stories like this? I’ve come across many such essays. You have a lot to learn from the people who wrote them.

What is the secret of a good storyteller? He or she understands the difference between the picture that appears in his or her head and what the reader sees. These are two different things, and it is the essay writer’s job to tell the story in a way that the reader will believe in. That is, you are not just describing a picture from our heads. You show a movie, present the story with images, draw with words.

Ability to learn quickly

For every essay (or almost everyone), the essay writer has to research lots of resources. You need to absorb a lot of information, sometimes completely new. And you must do it FAST! Because the deadline is approaching fast – see the first point.

How to develop this skill? Do it through active and productive reading and learning new material. Learn different ways of perceiving information. Activate new modalities of information perception: not only read but also listen to audiobooks, watch videos, explore the world with the help of tactile sensations and smell. Get involved in the process with your head. Learning is awesome!

Ability to use your fears to your advantage

Every essay for a writer is, in fact, a jump into cold water. From the outside, it may seem that those who write great essays are confident in themselves and know: this is what the reader will definitely accept! However, inside they sometimes shake: what if the reader won’t accept it? Fear slows down writers in the early stages of their essay writing. More experienced essay writers use these fears as leverage to climb to new heights. Overcoming fear, you will receive a powerful energy charge.

The ability to take a punch

More often than not, fears are unfounded but not always. Sometimes a student thinks that he or she writes a good essay, but it doesn’t get a high grade. The reader does not accept the essay; a teacher starts to scold him or her. The bad news is that this happens to every essay writer sooner or later. And it may happen not once. Such failures are part of a student’s life. And they can, in truth, be great at lowering your self-esteem. In a number of cases, you stop, “resting your head” on the writer’s block, and do not want to go further, saying, “No, no, it was too painful, I will not allow this to happen again.”

But, guess what? At such moments, you should understand who you really are. Everyone falls. But the winner is the one who fell five times, got up on the sixth, and continued to move on. Perceive failure as a kind of test of the universe. It wants to make you stronger. It makes warriors out of us.

How to develop this skill? Change your attitude towards failure. This is not the end of the world. Failure is a very valuable lesson. We only really grow in those moments when we deal with failures, analyze them. The one who rises to his or her feet after a fall becomes stronger.

Try to develop all these skills, and you will become successful in essay writing! Good luck!