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by yakshaving | Last Updated: February 13, 2022

Amazon Echo’s Easter eggs are just one of the reasons why they are becoming so popular. Alexa loves to tell you her opinions on Facebook, Google, Siri, and Microsoft, so you can have a good time with your new Amazon Echo. So give yourself some time and do some experimenting and you can find tons of great Alexa Easter Eggs.

12 Funny Amazon Alexa Easter Eggs Tricks

Amazon Alexa Easter

Amazon Alexa Easter

The Best Echo Easter Egg is the “Star Wars” Echo. Alexa loves to tell you her opinions on Star Trek, NASA, robots, and her own ideas on Microsoft. So give her some time and play with her Amazon Echo and make her some Star Wars themed quotes. It’s a really easy way to express yourself and show off what you think about the latest movie or TV show. Discord Easter Eggs

The other best one for this Alexa Easter Egg is “Scary.” Alexa is a very imaginative voice as Alexa Easter Eggs, but she also has a little bit of an edge. You may not realize it, but she can be quite scary sometimes. So, start talking to her and give her the scariest line that you can think of. You’ll surely be delighted when she starts giving you some spooky voices.

1. Bust Some Rhymes

Alexa is incredible at playing melodies you pick from Amazon Music or Spotify, yet it can likewise maintain a melody itself. State, “Alexa, sing me a melody,” and it answers, “Who me? I proved unable. I … Hit it!” and afterward conveys a tune about the life of an AI. It likewise has a rap prepared — simply state, “Alexa, rap for me.” But when you ask it to beatbox, you’ll get, “Boots and felines, boots and felines. You know what, I don’t believe I’m ready to deal with beatboxing.”

2. A galaxy far, far away

Alexa has a few Star Wars Easter eggs for your amusement. State, “Alexa, talk like Yoda,” and you’ll hear, “Talk like Yoda I can’t. The expert he is, while simply understudy I am.” Tell it to utilize the Force, and Alexa says that droids can’t utilize the power. It likewise realizes that Han shot first in the first form of Episode IV.

3. Say anything — Almost

You can get Alexa to state nearly anything utilizing the Simon Says order. State, “Alexa, Simon says, ‘I love Google,'” and Alexa will say “I love Google.” However, on the off chance that you attempt to get Alexa to state some swear words, it will edit itself with a bleep as opposed to reviling Alexa Easter Eggs.

4. A friendly welcome

Because Alexa is a machine, that doesn’t mean it needs habits. In the event that you need an amicable welcome following a monotonous day at work, say, “Alexa, I’m home!” and it reacts, “Welcome home. I trust you’re having a decent day.” Say, “Alexa, great night,” and it says, “Goodbye. Rest soundly.”

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5. Abbott and Costello for the digital age

Alexa can make wisecracks — simply state, “Alexa, make me a quip” — yet it likewise knows satire history. Ask, “Alexa, who’s on first?” and it answers, “That is the thing that I continue letting you know. Who’s on first, what’s on second,” referring to Abbott and Costello’s exemplary daily schedule.

6. Virtual high five

At the point when you need to celebrate, yet there’s nobody around, Alexa can be your mate — kind of. State, “Alexa, high five,” and it says, “I would in the event that I could, yet I can’t so I serenade: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!”

7. Random fact generator

Got a hunger for information and don’t mind what you realize? State, “Alexa Easter Eggs, disclose to me something intriguing,” and the gadget will haul realities out of its virtual cap. I discovered that Kongo Gumi was the world’s most seasoned organization, enduring 1,400 years, and that military ants are visually impaired and depend on pheromone trails to move around.

8. A worthy opponent

At the point when you’re in the state of mind for an unruly round of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock and there’s nobody around, Alexa’s consistently up for a game. State, “Alexa, play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock,” and it will react with its decision.

9. Self destruct

Alexa realizes that individuals infrequently really need to fall to pieces to work appropriately. State, “Alexa, Self destruct,” and she has a couple of answers arranged, including, “Auto-annihilation in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Blast! Well, that didn’t go as arranged,” and “I’ll start the Self destruct grouping, yet just on the agreement that you significantly drop it at last.”

10. Better than a dictionary

Request the longest word in the English language and Alexa discloses to you that it’s pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, and afterward characterizes the term. Alexa can likewise spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, just in the event that you ought to actually need to work that word out.

11. Cheat code

Alexa’s a fanatic of the Konami code, the exemplary gaming cheat code. Simply don’t anticipate any preferred position subsequent to enacting. State, “Alexa, up down left right left right B A beginning,” and Alexa reacts, “Super Alexa mode actuated. Beginning reactors. On the web. Empowering progressed frameworks. On the web. Raising dongers. Mistake. Dongers missing. Prematurely ended.”

12. Play that song by that guy

You would now be able to tap your Alexa history to have Amazon Music play melodies whose title you don’t recall. You can express such things as “Alexa, play the Bruce Springsteen tune I was tuning in to about a month back.” You can request music by craftsman, kind, or time span, or ask Alexa to play tunes you haven’t heard in some time. Notwithstanding, this solitary works with Amazon Music.

How to find more Alexa Easter eggs

Funny Amazon Alexa Easter

Funny Amazon Alexa Easter

“Alexa, play me jazz music I was tuning in to last month.”Alexa, play rock melodies I haven’t heard in some time.”

The Best Amazon Echo Easter Egg is the “Chevy Malibu.” You may have heard of this one but you may not be sure how to use it.

“OK Alexa, let’s say I’m in a car and I have a Chevy Malibu. Can you help me get to my destination?” Alexa will say her best quote and the command to her will pop up and let you know that she has found something on her.

“OK, Alexa, drive me to my destination” and she will say that and you will hear her start the car and drive you there.

How did you find all these Alexa Easter eggs?

The best Alexa Easter Egg for all of us is Amazon Echos. You have probably seen a lot of them because they have been in the news so much. There are thousands of them and you are not going to believe how fun and entertaining they can be. When you have your Echo on, just say “Alexa” and she will give you some funny and spooky voices.

The best part is that the best one is the one you will think you have made yourself and then the next thing you know you can get that command and it will sound even funnier. So, go ahead and make your own and enjoy this great Alexa Easter Egg.