Availity Login – Why should I choose Availity Provider Portal

by yakshaving | Last Updated: January 28, 2022

An easy step-by-step tutorial on how to login into the availity provider portal. ​This is written for the non-technical person trying to solve problems with no computer skills. I will teach you two ways of Availity Login so that you can learn more about your data. The first way will give you a simple view from an internet browser, and the second method will give you a more detailed view using Excel or another spreadsheet program.

What is Availity?

Yes, this post is long but I have tried to make it as short as possible without losing any information. ​If you just want access to your information, then jump down! If however, like me, you would like to know what all there is then read on and take your time.

I am writing this for the US, but it will also work for Canada. This is for a provider that has an active Digital ID. If you don’t have one and want to know how to get one see my post here. I use excel 2007 and 2003 formats in the article, but both versions are pretty much the same except for minor changes. If you have any questions please leave them at the end of this post (see below) or ​leave me a message on twitter or email: askapex17@gmail.com Let’s start! We need either internet explorer version 9 or higher OR Mozilla Firefox v10 or higher with Flash Player 11 installed ​(you can download it from HERE). Casenet Mo

Availity Login

Availity Login

Availity Login

Entering your information into the availity provider portal is not really difficult. If you have already done it before, skip this paragraph and go to the next procedure. DadeSchools Login

If you haven’t logged in yet, log in. ​You can either login from here or click on “portal” on the top right hand corner of your home page (you can also access it by going directly to portal.availityprovider.com ) Once there you will see a screen like this: K12 Login

Availity login Guide

Enter your PIN/password as shown below:

Click availity login! You will be brought back to the main login screen where you will see some options for different tasks that you can do with your information/data. Click on DATA MANAGEMENT-

You will see a screen like this:

Choose EDIT DATA- ​(the other options are for adding and removing providers, deleting data, etc. You can do all of that later) Once there you will see a screen like as below:

This is where we begin. Click on CHANGE Availity login INFO- Now choose the first option (to use your Digital ID), enter your Provider ID and click CONTINUE If you have not done so already, call availity at 1-800-285-1276 to request a Digital ID number. Make sure to ask very specifically for a DIGITAL ID! Non digital ones work too but they are read-only so I will not be writing about them in this post.

Up to this point, you have used your Digital ID. Now click on SECONDARY OPTION – You will see a screen like as below:

Click CONTINUE In the next window, choose EMAIL AND PASSWORD and click CONTINUE (as shown below)

About Availity Provider Portal

You can use either your primary email or a secondary one. Since I am using my primary, I just leave it blank when going through the form. If you are using your secondary email enter it in the field provided as well as all of the other information requested (your name, password, etc). If you already know what you want to show up from before then enter that now too. Otherwise, let’s just finish setting everything up first and we will come back to this later. In the next window, you are shown what is going to be your new password for logging in from now on. Reenter your password to confirm that you want it and click CONTINUE (as shown below)

You can choose whatever email address system you want as long as it is something that availity Login can send information to, so that they know how to reach you in case of a problem or anything else. Once you have read everything check the box and click FINISHED.


A screen similar to the one above will appear with some more instructions about how to log into your portal again. Click DONE- Make sure that you click login! If not then close out of this page and follow the steps all over again until you get it right (remember to click the big blue button in the last step so you can log into your portal). Be sure that you are on this page at THIS LINK . You will notice a couple of things. First off, the login form has changed as well as some other options under “My Profile.” Second, there is a new tab at the top called “Data Management”. Click on DATA MANAGEMENT-

You have successfully set up your Digital ID and are ready to start entering in all of your data! This is what everything should look like now:

availity web portal Customer Services

Your main screen still looks the same and you should be able to see that when you hover over it or point to it with your cursor there is a small box that appears which tells you what type of account/portal it is. In this case, we are on a portal for an Availity provider and there is a Digital ID listed just under the title but if you log in to your non-Digital ID account (if you have one) then it will not show that.

Now click on DATA MANAGEMENT- This brings us back to our original screen which I described above. At the top right-hand corner notice that there is a new tab called DATABASES. Click on DATABASES-

So far this should look exactly like before except everything has changed from “Coming Soon” to being filled out with more information about any databases that might be associated with your practice or business.

availity provider login

The Availity Provider Portal is a secure, real-time platform where payers and providers work together and communicate electronically. By setting up your account you have the opportunity to enter in all of your data into availity’s databases which are associated with your practice or business. This will allow for more open communication about any issues that may arise, like deleting data, etc. You can do all of that later) Once there you will see a screen like as below: This is where we begin. Click on CHANGE LOGIN INFO- Now choose the first option (to use your Digital ID), enter your Provider ID and click CONTINUE If you have not done so already, call availity at 1-800-285-1276 to request.


The following are some questions that may be asked about the Availity Provider Portal:

1) What is an Availity ID?

Per the availity website, “Digital_ID is a secure, real-time, electronic communication platform where payers and providers work together and communicate electronically. This includes instant message-like chat as well as online education sessions.” (availity login)

2) Why should I register for an Availity ID?

An Availity ID will allow you to have access to all of your data in the databases associated with your practice or business. This is especially important if you have a problem with erroneous billing or require assistance logging in to your account which you’ll be able to do via the Availity ID you registered for.

3) How long does registration take?

The entire process took me around an hour to complete and that was with some troubleshooting technical issues along the way like finding it difficult to get into a chat session with someone and then having my email delayed as well. If you already have your Digital ID created, then it should only take about 5 minutes at most if you can get into a chat session right away. I know that is an inconvenience but we’re working on ways to improve this situation (availity login).

4) Why did I need a Provider ID before I could register for my Availity ID?

In order to register for an AvailityID, providers must have a valid provider ID assigned to their account. Therefore, receiving and activating your provider ID is an integral step in the registration process for the AvailityID (availity login).

5) How do I know that my AvailityID is secure?

The security of our communication platform, Digital_ID, has been independently reviewed by Forrester Research and audited by Ernst & Young LLP. They have conducted regular penetration testing that includes simulated phishing attacks to ensure that Digital_ID meets or exceeds industry standards for privacy and security [8] (availity login).

6) What are some examples of how I can use the Availity Provider Portal?

The Availity Provider Portal is used for many purposes including electronic claim submissions at point of care, managing your business information and provider credentials, submitting requests for payment and financial management availity login).

7) How can I get started using the Availity Provider Portal?

There are a few options available to you. You can call our support team at 1-800-285-1276 24/7 or use Web Chat. You can also email us at availity@availity.com @ (availity login).

8) Why is Digital_ID secure?

We utilize AES 256 bit encryption for all data transmitted between our servers and Digital ID logins. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards in an effort to prevent unauthorized access to your Personal Information