12 Best Word Game Apps To Play With Friends (Android & Iphone)

by yakshaving | Last Updated: January 30, 2022

The best review of all time of any type of mobile application is always the iPhone and Android platform. Reviewing the top best word game apps provides brief information about each app and its various unique features. Some of these factors can also include detailed technical specifications for Best Word Game Apps.

Best Word Game Apps 2021

Best Word Game Apps

Best Word Game Apps

To assist you in making a good decision on which of these apps to download, we recommend that you read through the following five apps reviewed. These apps are “Best Word Game Apps Unlimited”, “Free Word Searches”, “Word Hunt”, “Word Frenzy”Word Game Mania”. All of these apps come highly recommended by their respective reviewers. To ensure that the reviews are not biased or paid for, you can find the rating by the individual reviewer at different websites.

Word Game Unlimited is an application for Android and iPhone. This Word game allows you to choose from several categories of words including general, scientific, vocabulary, business, science, sports, math, geography, and history. You can even choose from hundreds of categories.

Best Word Game Apps for Android

The free version of this Word game provides the basic options. However, if you wish to access advanced levels and play against opponents, you can purchase the app. The prices range from two dollars and up depending on the version of the game.

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Word Search is another popular Android and iPhone word game available as a free download. The main difference between this free game and the paid versions is that the free version only offers a limited number of words. You must purchase the premium version in order to access more advanced levels. The premium version also contains many other features such as unlimited numbers of words, a “Find” feature, and many other advanced options. It costs $2.99 and it is recommended for children ages four years and under.

Best Word Game Apps for Iphone

Word hunt is similar to word hunt but has a twist. Unlike word hunt, you have to find and place your letters into a grid, instead of searching through a list.

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The word game involves a lot of puzzles and guesswork. The game involves connecting letter tiles of a given color in the correct arrangement by matching their colors and shapes. Most often, the player is required to arrange them in a grid to form words.

Free Puzzle is similar to word search, but it allows you to play against the computer and it comes with a number of puzzles. These puzzles may also be downloaded to play online. There is a puzzle database containing some of these puzzles that you can browse to look for your next word search for Best Word Game Apps Puzzle.

Free Word game is free to download and requires no registration or subscription. You just need a web browser to access it. However, it doesn’t come with many advanced features. Other than the basic puzzle game, it comes with an option to search the web for related word.

Best Word Game Apps Puzzle To Play With Friends

Free word search is also available as a free game. The word search requires you to search an online dictionary and enter a few words and see which ones are similar. to the ones you entered. It requires you to type in several words in the search box to find out which ones are similar to the ones you entered and thus match the meaning.

Free word search is also available as a free puzzle game. The free Best Word Game Apps puzzle requires you to find the word hidden in a grid and place the right number of tiles in your desired order. Then, place your mouse over the puzzle to view its meaning.

Word searches are also available as a free Best Word Game Apps puzzle game and they allow you to find the word hidden in the words in a grid. If the grid contains a word, the game asks you to place a number of tiles of the same color in the correct order.

12 Best Word Game Apps To Play With Friends

Word games are becoming more popular these days. They help enhance kids’ knowledge of words and improve their vocabulary and writing skills. They are good fun and educational activities. They are especially popular among kids because they can challenge both brain and hand coordination.

1. Words With Friends 2

Billed as”one of the world’s most popular mobile word Matches,” Words with Friends 2 boasts over 10 million matches. The second variant has more Best Word Game Apps modes compared to the original Words with pals, such as playing against a fictional multiplayer and character time-based team challenges. You can also take part in competitions and surveys in addition to chat with other sport lovers on the game’s Facebook webpage . There are also weekly flash events and community challenges which makes the match have a true competitive community feel. The game can be partnered with Twitch for Amazon Prime associates for the opportunity at extra rewards biweekly.

2. Wordscapes

Wordscapes will be A favorite game with over 10 million players. There are over 6,000 mysteries to work through and the game starts with simpler challenges for you more happy to take on harder ones as you progress. Attractive graphics feature lovely travel arenas for an extra highlight. BookRiot lists Wordscapes as its number one option of finest word match programs for best word games for Android.

3. Bonza Word Puzzle

Another game that is linked to word puzzles having a twist. It was chosen in the very best of 2014 for the Apple store. You will find daily puzzle challenges along with the app includes a puzzle creator you can use to create your own. If you play the game a whole lot you might wind up having to make in-app purchases as just a couple daily puzzles are available for free, although you can earn in-game coins via successfully completing free puzzles. The sport has an appealing minimalist design with pastel colours and a soothing soundtrack which makes it a relaxing choice for portable gamers.

4. Alphabear 2

Combining word matches with adorable bears, and a humorous story Is a perfect mix! Alphabear two is the brand new version of the original popular game. This game isn’t only adorable but funny, as each bear has their own”personality” and contains animations at the conclusion of each game. The bears which you gather along the way can also be dressed up with your own styling, requiring in-app purchases. It’s number one on the iMore listing of top games for iOS apparatus in 2021.

5. Wordament

Top choices for best word games for Android apparatus is Wordament. It has over one thousand installs. The game has fun graphics with different styles of game boards to maintain play interesting. You’re able to play to pass the time and increase your vocabulary, or compete against thousands of other people by opting for accomplishment badges. Additionally, there are various difficulty modes which makes the game enjoyable for all language levels.

6. Crossword Puzzle Redstone

One of those best term best word games for Android based on Gadget Hacks. While crossword puzzles may not be as gaudy as newer games with fun images, conventional pen-and-paper crossword puzzle lovers will enjoy the clean simplicity of this app and its particular variety of mystery difficulty levels. If you are stuck on a hint, the program has a hint attribute which can be useful as you go into higher degrees. You may also lock finished words if they are correct so that you don’t need to second guess your answers. The game also offers an easy interface and a minimal, professional layout.

Crossword plays like a standard crossword puzzle. You’re Provided hints for words that move vertically and horizontally through the grid. Guess all of the words correctly to complete the puzzle.

7. TypeShift

TypeShift is An interesting word game that drops on PocketGamer’s list of this top 25 term matches on iPhone and iPad. Its developer describes it as”anagrams meets word hunt with a scatter of crosswords.” The game includes over one hundred puzzles along with daily free puzzles, in addition to mystery packs available for purchase against best word games for Android. The images are colorful and attractive while simple to follow with a pleasant and relaxing soundtrack.

Somewhat like sections of a puzzle puzzle. You are able to slip up the words or down in an effort to create a word in the center row. The objective is to flip all of the center tiles when a word is shaped. The tiles and designs will be harder as you progress through the sport.

8. Word Cookies

Word Cookies is One of the greatest word games to get Android and iOS according to technician website Fossbytes. The sport features a cute”baker’s motif” that sets it apart from other word games. As you advance through the game, you are going to grow in the amateur”home baker” to a highest chef. The game has over 2,000 amounts for long term gameplay and daily bonus benefits to play for. You could even get clues if you are stuck on a pair of letters. It is also not a mid-afternoon match so you can play and think of phrases without stress. The sport is definitely popular with over 10 million installs. You swipe each letter up into the grid to create as many words as you can.

9. Sticky Terms

Tech Rader selects Sticky Conditions as one of Their best free Android games in 2020. The sport is unusual compared to other word matches using a simple yet artistic picture design. It’s also funny and instructive as the phrases used in the game are from different languages and have definitions which don’t have an easily matched translation. As an instance,”farpotshket” that is Yiddish for”trying to correct something and destroying it.” The one downside to this game is there are only about 250 words to solve.

letter combinations. You want to move the pieces like jigsaw pieces to fit them in a word, which may not be an English word. Once the word is solved, you’ll see the word’s origin and definition among the Best word games App.

10. Letterpress

Boggle lovers will enjoy Letterpress that gets high Compliments from MacWorld. The sport has a minimum graphic design that’s pleasing and easy to follow. It is an excellent alternative for playing against an opponent as you will need to not just find words but outwit the other player. It is possible to play the computer, or against friends or randomly selected live gamers, in addition to play in groups. There’s also real-time conversation with other gamers to grow the social part of the sport, and leaderboards for competition.

Letterpress is like Boggle in that you have to create Words in the grid of letters. However, you also will need to use approach to put the words onto the grid to block the other player. You win the game with the most tiles in your color at the end. Tiles can be stolen by the other player if they are not surrounded by other tiles in your colour.

11. WordJong

WordJong is also highly recommended on Review of popular word games Apps. WordJong combines the very best aspects of MahJong using testing your language abilities. The sport includes a calming feel to it with a calming soundtrack with water and bird noises additional in. In addition, it is visually attractive with an Asian theme to match the MahJong gameplay. There is a daily puzzle accessible for gamers to check their abilities and you can also play against the computer’s WordJong Masters which are all characters in the Chinese zodiac. It will get a 4.6 out of 5 rating from happy iOS users.

You’re presented with a Mahjong setup with lettered tiles. As you accumulate tile games, you are using the letters to create words from a grid in the bottom of the display. There are extra points earned if you can clean the game board of letters in the end of the match and make harder words. If you finish nine challenges, then you earn a Group of butterflies

12. Scrabble GO

Scrabble is a beloved board game as well as the cellular app version Is hugely common too. Scrabble GO is the updated version of the cell program and now comprises the official Scrabble NASPA word listing alongside a new graphic interface and simpler access to multi-player options. The game has over five thousand downloads also has a 4.3 score about the Google Play store and 4.4 on the Apple shop. You can customize your match tiles and compete against your friends, random players and in tournaments for popular word games.

The Same as the board sport Scrabble, you compete against the other player by creating words onto a match Board with a group of seven letters. Each player takes a twist and points are Earned based on the difficulty and duration of the word. The winner will be the first Participant to consume all of their correspondence tiles. These are all Best Word Game Apps.