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by yakshaving | Last Updated: December 25, 2022

MyFloridacounty, Florida is a unique community that is located in Pasco County, Florida Child Support. There are many unique things to do in my town including the “Green Bean Festival”, “Dog Beach”, “Meadow World” and much more. Recently, I decided it was time to check into my public records and see what information I could find on the people living in this area. I was surprised to find that there were quite a few errors and inaccuracies.

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It turns out that the Florida Department of Health had been collecting information on all of the residents of myfloridacounty since 2021. Unfortunately, they failed to keep all of the information in their files. They provided all of the information through a database known as the Florida Vital Files. Unfortunately, not every person’s name was included in that database. This left me with a database containing public records that did not contain my applicant’s personal information for myfloridacounty access.

There was one very important piece of information that the Florida Department of Health needed to have. They needed to have a complete copy of the child support payments from all of the custodial parents in my county. If the county wasn’t able to provide these records, they would be required by the state law to provide a default judgment against them for failure to comply with a court order.

myfloridacounty child support

myfloridacounty child support

myfloridacounty child support

Now, granted, sometimes non-custodial parents just don’t pay. But, if they refuse to provide the information, the default judgment will be awarded against them and they will lose their custody of the child. So, how did all of this come about? When I tried to look up the child support payments in the Florida Vital Files, it was easy to see that they had changed since the last time I looked them up.

They were listed as either garnished or non-Garnished Support. The former was listed right next to the name of the applicant while the latter was a portion of the payment history listed under the name of the applicant for myfloridacounty child support. child support

The first thing I thought when I read that the Florida Department of Health needed to have their payment history in their database was that they must be very new. However, no such electronic check is available anywhere else in the state of Florida. If you want to look up child support payments made in child support or some other site, there are ways of doing that but they are not comprehensive. They only show us where the money went.

So, how did we find the electronic check? We located it on the same computer (this could not be further from the truth). It was sitting there, labeled “ child support.” I was pretty sure we had found our way to the right file when we found the county’s website.

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Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do to get the payment history of the man. There were no past-due child support payments made. He owed the county thirty-two dollars. I don’t know how many more he owes or when he will owe them. At this point, it is best for the kids to move on and find someone who can actively pursue their goal of child support by checking the “myfloridacounty access Florida payments” box on the online form.

It was a long investigation, but thankfully complete. The lesson is to always be diligent. Check your local online resources for any other child support jurisdictions. You may be surprised to learn that there are some areas where child support can be more complex. Your local courthouse may not even have a form to fill out, but you can always check myfloridacounty or Facebook for more information.