Solved “Wifi Keeps Disconnecting” Error Fix – Possible Problems

by yakshaving | Last Updated: October 23, 2022

If you’re like most people, you don’t know where to go if your WiFi keeps disconnecting. Many of us simply turn the machine off and back on again – and we’re done. The problem is, this is not the ideal way to solve the problem.

First, you need to understand why wifi randomly disconnects; firstly, most devices come from manufacturers who don’t provide an easy-to-follow guide to resetting their device’s power source. Secondly, there are numerous reasons why WiFi disconnects randomly:

Why Does My Wifi Disconnects Randomly?

Wifi Keeps Disconnecting

Wifi Keeps Disconnecting

There’s too much interference – Sometimes you’ll find that your WiFi system isn’t set up to work with your current setup. For instance, some systems have a radio channel that keeps coming up with different channels (which means different users), and this can interfere with the WiFi signal. To fix this, you need to make sure your WiFi router is configured to allow multiple users to share the same channels.

Your device isn’t set up right – Many times, devices come from manufacturers who aren’t very good at setting up and configuring the WiFi software. If you have a problem with one piece of hardware, it’s likely that your entire network will have a problem as well. This is why it’s important to test each of your devices in order to ensure that everything is working correctly.

Your device has some hardware problems – Sometimes a WiFi adapter can come loose and cause your device to fail. Some of these adapters are made of extremely thin plastic which can easily break or come loose. Other times, the chipsets inside your devices may be damaged, causing them to stop working.

Why Does My Wifi Keeps Disconnecting?

Your device doesn’t have a power source – Sometimes there are problems with the device’s power source. For example, if your device’s power supply often stops working, it may simply be a sign of a dead battery. If you’re using a wall charger, you might want to check for signs of an electrical short.

Your router’s firmware is damaged – Sometimes, routers have problems with the firmware inside. It may be necessary to update the device’s firmware with a new release. This won’t necessarily stop the WiFi from disconnecting but will ensure that it’s working as smoothly as possible.

Other problems can be caused by damaged USB ports – Sometimes, it may be that there are damaged USB ports within your PC. If your device is having trouble, try unplugging your router’s USB cable and plugging the USB into another device that works (such as a desktop) to see if this fixes your WiFi troubles or Wifi Keeps Disconnecting.

Wifi Constantly Disconnecting

Other devices aren’t being used – If you’re using wireless printers, scanners, or USB-based USB hubs, your WiFi is likely going to get disconnected sometimes. If you’re just using Bluetooth, a simple reset on the device may solve your problems. There’s nothing that will stop your devices from disconnecting or wifi randomly disconnects – if they’re being connected to USBs.

Your WiFi device has a broken component – Sometimes a chip inside the Wi-Fi card itself can break down. This means that the WiFi signal itself is incompatible with your hardware and can cause your device to stop working. In many cases, the problem can be fixed by simply updating the chip inside the card. If you’re not using a wireless printer, scanner, or USB-based USB hubs, you may need to look into other components in the card such as Bluetooth, if you have any.

How to Fix Wifi Keeps Disconnecting Issue

Your device isn’t configured right – Your USB ports may be either too wide open or too narrow. This can cause your device to become unable to communicate with the computer. This is a common issue for many computers, especially when they’re used to connect a number of devices such as printers, scanners, or cameras.

Other devices may not be compatible – Your device may be too old or have hardware issues. If this is the case, you may need to upgrade your device. Many devices need to be reformatted in order to work with your router. This can be expensive, so it’s recommended that you check out the support forum to see if there are any problems in the forums that you can help with.

There are many reasons that can cause your WiFi to stop working. However, these are among the most common. The ones above are very common, but there are also a few others that are much rarer. you may encounter.

The issues and the techniques to fix a Wifi Keeps Disconnecting given beneath.

1. Forget Wifi Network

How to Fix Wifi Keeps Disconnecting Issue

How to Fix Wifi Keeps Disconnecting Issue

This is probably the least complex thing you can do to fix this issue and it works a great deal of times.

Simply click on your association name and it slips press’ mind.

Since your association isn’t spared any longer, click on it once more, enter your secret phrase and check whether WiFi Keeps Disconnecting.

2. Move Closer To the Router

This is another straightforward conceivable arrangement you can attempt. In the event that your WiFi signal is excessively short and you’re on the edge of the sign, it can continue separating. Drawing nearer to it can build up a more grounded association and ought to tackle your concern.

3. Reset Your Router And Restart Your Pc

This may sound unrealistic, however basically rebooting the framework would here and there work. If not take a stab at resetting the switch as well.

4. Network Troubleshooter

In case you’re on Windows, you can utilize the mechanized organization investigator to fix the WiFi randomly disconnects issue.

5. Switching Network Profile

Do sure you switch your organization profile from public to private. This is for in case you’re utilizing Windows 10 as it disengages from a public WiFi after an assigned measure of time because of security reasons. To do this:

6. Change The Power Management To Fix Wifi Disconnect

Windows may be separating it to spare force when the organization connector isn’t being used. This is an extraordinary component that really encourages you spare battery on cell phones. However, now and then it makes more issues by turning WiFi off if it is Keeps Disconnecting. You can cripple this component and the means are given underneath:

7. Make Sure Your Network Adapter Driver Is Updated

This is one of the most well-known motivations to have a WiFi that continues separating. There are two different ways of achieving this.


On the off chance that programmed update didn’t discover any refreshed drivers, don’t worry. Manual update would work similarly too and it’s not hard by any means.

Discover the organization driver’s maker site.

Quest for drivers and download the most recent driver that relates to your connector. Recall the area of the downloaded document.

These are the means to refresh your drivers. In the event that you actually have the issue, don’t stress. There are more techniques.

8. Change The Scan Valid Interval

9. Changing Wifi Autoconfig Service

Press Windows and R key simultaneously on your console and open up Run if wifi disconnects randomly.

10. Replacing Your Hardware

Well it’s at long last come down to this to know Wifi Keeps Disconnecting. On the off chance that all the above strategies hasn’t generally worked for you, it’s an ideal opportunity to seriously investigate your organization card and switch. Once in a while, supplanting both of them is the main choice accessible.

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